We have rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit to our lakes but first and foremost to protect the fish and other wildlife that inhabit the area.

If anyone is caught not abiding by these rules they will be asked to leave immediately.


1. No Keepnets unless authorised by management

2. All nets must be dry before use.

3. No Dogs Allowed

4. No Fires Allowed

5. Unhooking Mats must be used

6. No children under six and six to sixteen years olds to be accompanied by an adult.

7. All Rubbish to be put in bin by gate, any angler leaving rubbish on lake will be banned.

8. No Barbed Hooks

9. Spectators will be charged accordingly

10. All night Fishing to be booked in. A Night Fishing session ends   at    7.30 am the following morning.

11. No Bivvys to obstruct footpath

12. Check board by cabin door when matches are on or check our website.


1. No more than 50lb per keep net

2. All big doubles must be weighed immediately and released back into the water.

3. No Shock Sticks.

4. No Bolt Rigs.

5. No fish in keep nets longer than 6 hours.

6. No Stink bags or boxes